Covid-19 Vaccination

The Covid-19 vaccination is a crucial part of our efforts to overcome the pandemic and start to return to normal life. Without a vaccine there will always be a risk that new outbreaks of the disease will emerge.

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Key points about the vaccines:

  1. They are proven to reduce the chance of people suffering from severe Covid
  2. They have been through all the same careful safety checks as other vaccines we routinely use (even though they were developed very quickly)
  3. Most side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine are mild and should not last longer than a week, such as:
  • a sore arm where the needle went in
  • feeling tired
  • a headache
  • feeling achy

COVID-19 3 'A's Tool:

This tool is to help practitioners and volunteers have short conversations (deliver very brief interventions) with people to encourage uptake of a Covid-19 vaccine. Some members of the public may be hesitant about receiving a vaccination. This tool helps us to handle conversations with such people.


  1. Getting the conversation going
  2. Using questions and reflections to get the person talk about what they feel
  3. Building understanding and assessing how you might help
  4. Deciding what information to offer


Once you understand the person’s views and feelings

  1. Offering appropriate information and advice
  2. Ensuring it’s personalised, tailored and appropriate


  1. Clarifying next steps
  2. Strengthening person’s intention/plan to get vaccinated
  3. Booking an appointment / Signposting to further info or GP

The 3 ‘A’s approach is a simple structure for conversations to help them flow. It also ensures we listen to peoples’ concerns, reassure them and, as a minimum, keep them open to the idea of getting a Covid-19 vaccine.

The South East Making Every Contact Count & Vaccine Uptake group* have produced 2 resources to support anyone who may be talking with others about having the Covid-19 vaccine (e.g. frontline practitioners, volunteers, community and faith leaders, Covid-19 champions):

Resource 1: Talking about having the Covid-19 vaccine video (10mins)

A training video to support asking the right questions, keeping the conversation person-centred and focused on the benefits and motivation of having the vaccine. It draws upon skills developed in Making Every Contact Count training.

Resource 2: Talking about the Covid-19 Vaccine signposting resource

Useful links to information to help you when talking about having the COVID-19 vaccine.  The links are grouped into sections to make it easier to find the relevant information for different conversations.  Sections include: About vaccines; Effectiveness of vaccines; Faith and Covid-19 information; Other languages; and a lot more.  

The resources can be found on the HEE page by clicking here.